The Bab
Miraculous Events
1.Comets in the sky
2.Maid of heaven
3.Martyrdom of the Bab
5.Fate of the 750 soldiers
6.Earthquake in Shiraz
7.Edict of Toleration 1844
8.Akka, land of biblical prophecy
9.The province of light
10.H Abdulbaha. Prophetic powers
11.H Abdulbaha. Prophetic powers
12.The Village of Bahapur
13.Bahai Village
14.Navajo Chants
15.Guyami Prophecy
16.The Verdant Isle
17.H AbdulBaha throwing the papers
18.My soul wanders
19.Amir Amin Arsalan
20.Mother Beecher
21.May Maxwell Dream
22.Bill Sears Dream
23.Bab ESP Powers
24.Akka Prophecies
25.German Knight Templers
26.Ashkabad Prophecies
29.H AbdulBaha NY Zoo
31.H AbdulBaha and the esp letter
32.The Psychic and the Pregnant mother
33.The shoulder
34.The titanic
35.White buffolo woman
36.Raising the dead
37.Praying all night
38.500,000 verses
39.the dream
40.HAbdulBaha the physicist
41.The end of the world
42.The Atomic bomb
43.The Wife of the Bab's dream
44.Two stories from 'Once to every man and nation'
45.H Bab in Chihriq
46.H AbdulBaha and the blank piece of paper
47.H Bahaullah and the dead man who came back to life


This is a collection of stories I know.

If you know of any stories please contact me


This website is about various Bahai miracles and prophecies


I write this website for the following reason - I haven't seen many web sites with the amazing stories about the lives of the prophets.

(In England, with a population of 5000 Bahais, there are approximately 5000 Baha'i web sites. Baha'i growth in Britain has been in internet space)

Growing up it was my pleasure to read stories about the Baha'i revelation. It is to my surprise that there are few mentions of the numerous miracles and extraordinary events that accompanied the life of the prophets.
Whilst accepting that it is the moral teachings and prayers that are important, in my opinion it is the stories that make us remember the truth.

I found that from the age of 18 I had very little time in reading new stories. Must work to earn a living. I read 95% of these stories as a teenager, and as an unemployed refugee.
A condensed version of the story is often of value to working age adults, who have little time to read.

What I have found is that Bahais are very modest and don't tell each other, or other ppl -- the converted or the non-converted, about these stories. There are literally hundreds of stories about miraculous events, or prophecies fulfilled out there. I only know a few of them.

If the stories are not told they will be forgotten about.

In order to understand the Baha'i revelation, it is important to, in my opinion, be familiar with the words of the prophets, and with the accounts of people who knew the prophets. These are our gospels.

An independent investigator will come to a conclusion that the 3 men central to the Baha'i revelation -- H Baha'ullah - the prophet founder of the Baha'i faith, and also H Bab and additionally H AbdulBaha the first son of H Baha'ullah, were men, physical men, who were morally, and physically different to the rest of us.

We know very little about the previous messengers of God, the previous prophets. A person either believes, or does not believe. There is no evidence to back up the claims of the previous religions. It takes -- the famous -- A leap of faith to follow one of the previous religions.
With the Baha'i religion, most of the claims of H Baha'ullah are provable.

H Baha'ullah was
          a man
          a father, husband, son
          an exiled nobleman
          a prisoner and a martyr
          patriarch of a religious community
          a poet and a mystic. a moral teacher

          a holy man and a seer. He had esp power, which is not uncommon amongst holy men
          a prophet. one who prophecies
          a lawgiver.

          a very BIG holy man

          THE MESSIAH. He fulfills messianic expectations of previous religions. Unbelievable.
          Patriarch of the planet
          Messenger of God

Scientific explanation can be given to some extent, and cant be given after a certain point.

The brain of Albert Einstein was kept after his death. one of the cortex lobes was found to be slightly thicker. The presence of people who have psychic abilities is without doubt, and the experience of nuns who spend 4 hours every day in a state of prayer another. Never the less a scientific explanation for the presence of H Baha'ullah Bab and AbdulBaha is limiting. I personally come to the conclusion -- a man who was a moral teacher, and also psychic, and also the Messiah, patriarch of the planet.

These collection of stories are stories I read as an adolescent and as an adult. They form one of the cements in my membership of the Baha'i movement. About half of these stories can be independently corroborated.

These stories are UNBELIEVABLE, UNBELIEVABLE, UNBELIEVABLE. There are literally hundreds of these stories.

The human condition is a strange one. Man the moral animal, different from the rest of the animal kingdom.

As a Baha'i I identify Baha'ullah as the patriarch of the human tribe.

Baha'ullah, and also the Bab, and AbdulBaha, were men. They were physical men who felt pain, who slept and ate food. But they were more -- they were morally, and also physically, different from the rest of us.

They were seers -- they had psychic abilities, but they were more than seers.


"I am," He exclaimed, "I am, I am the Promised One! I am the One Whose name you have for a thousand years invoked, at Whose mention you have risen, Whose advent you have longed to witness, and the hour of Whose Revelation you have prayed God to hasten. Verily, I say, it is incumbent upon the peoples of both the East and the West to obey My word, and to pledge allegiance to My person."


The face of him on whom I gazed I can never forget, though I cannot describe it. Those piercing eyes seemed to read one’s very soul; power and authority sat on that ample brow; while the deep lines on the forehead and face implied an age which the jet-black hair and beard flowing down in indistinguishable luxuriance almost to the waist seemed to belie. No need to ask in whose presence I stood, as I bowed myself before one who is the object of a devotion and love which kings might envy and emperors sigh for in vain!
A mild dignified voice bade me be seated, and then continued:—“Praise be to God that thou has attained! … Thou has come to see a prisoner and an exile. … We desire but the good of the world and the happiness of the nations; yet they deem us a stirrer up of strife and sedition  worthy of bondage and banishment. … That all nations should become one in faith and all men as brothers; that the bonds of affection and unity between the sons of men should be strengthened; that diversity of religion should cease, and differences of race be annulled—what harm is there in this? … Yet so it shall be; these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the ‘Most Great Peace’ shall come. … Do not you in Europe need this also? Is not this that which Christ foretold? … Yet do we see your kings and rulers lavishing their treasures more freely on means for the destruction of the human race than on that which would conduce to the happiness of mankind. … These strifes and this bloodshed and discord must cease, and all men be as one kindred and one family. … Let not a man glory in this, that he loves his country; let him rather glory in this, that he loves his kind.

Such, so far as I can recall them, were the words which, besides many others, I heard from Behá.



H Baha'ullah was born 1917. H Bab 1919.

In this period of time there were sightings of comets. People thought the world was going to end. The millennial movements in the Christian countries of NAmerica Europe started around then.

My source is Bill Sears thief in the night. I'm curious what his source was.



In His Súratu'l-Haykal (the Súrah of the Temple) He thus describes those breathless moments when the Maiden, symbolizing the "Most Great Spirit" proclaimed His mission to the entire creation: "While engulfed in tribulations I heard a most wondrous, a most sweet voice, calling above My head. Turning My face, I beheld a Maiden-- the embodiment of the remembrance of the name of My Lord--suspended 

in the air before Me. So rejoiced was she in her very soul that her countenance shone with the ornament of the good-pleasure of God, and her cheeks glowed with the brightness of the All-Merciful. Betwixt earth and heaven she was raising a call which captivated the hearts and minds of men. She was imparting to both My inward and outer being tidings which rejoiced My soul, and the souls of God's honored servants. Pointing with her finger unto My head, she addressed all who are in heaven and all who are on earth, saying: `By God! This is the Best-Beloved of the worlds, and yet ye comprehend not. This is the Beauty of God amongst you, and the power of His sovereignty within you, could ye but understand. This is the Mystery of God and His Treasure, the Cause of God and His glory unto all who are in the kingdoms of Revelation and of creation, if ye be of them that perceive.'" 

In His Epistle to Násiri'd-Dín Sháh, His royal adversary, revealed at the height of the proclamation of His Message, occur these passages which shed further light on the Divine origin of His mission: "O King! I was but a man like others, asleep upon My couch, when lo, the breezes of the All-Glorious were wafted over Me, and taught Me the knowledge of all that hath been. This thing is not from Me, but from One Who is Almighty and All-Knowing. And he bade Me lift up My voice between earth and heaven, and for this there befell Me what hath caused the tears of every man of understanding to flow.... This is but a leaf which the winds of the will of Thy Lord, the Almighty, the All-Praised, have stirred.... His all-compelling summons hath reached Me, and caused Me to speak His praise amidst all people. I was indeed as one dead when His behest was uttered. The hand of the will of Thy Lord, the Compassionate, the Merciful, transformed Me." "By My Life!" He asserts in another Tablet, "Not of Mine own volition have I revealed Myself, but God, of His own choosing, hath manifested Me." And again: "Whenever I chose to hold My peace and be still, lo, the Voice of the Holy Spirit, standing on My right hand, aroused Me, and the Most Great Spirit appeared before My face, and Gabriel overshadowed Me, and the Spirit of Glory stirred within My bosom, bidding Me arise and break My silence."


Miraculous Event

Each row of soldiers fired in turn. The smoke from so many rifles clouded the scene. When it lifted the Báb was not there. Only His disciple could be seen, standing under the nail in the wall, smiling and unconcerned.

Sam Khan approached the Bab: 'I profess the Christian Faith and entertain no ill will against you. If your Cause be the Cause of truth, enable me to free myself from the obligation to shed your blood.' To this the Báb replied: 'Follow your instructions, and if your intention be sincere, the Almighty is surely able to relieve you from your perplexity.'

The Báb and His disciple were suspended by ropes from a nail in the wall, the head of Mirza Muhammad-'Ali resting on the breast of the Báb. Seven hundred and fifty soldiers were positioned in three files. Roofs of the buildings around teemed with spectators.

Each row of soldiers fired in turn. The smoke from so many rifles clouded the scene. When it lifted the Báb was not there. Only His disciple could be seen, standing under the nail in the wall, smiling and unconcerned. Bullets had only severed the ropes with which they were suspended. Cries rang out from the onlookers: 'The Siyyid-i-Báb has gone from our sight!'

A frantic search followed. The Báb was found, sitting in the same room where He had been lodged the night before, in conversation with His amanuensis. That conversation had been interrupted earlier in the day. Now it was finished and He told the farrash-bashi to carry out his duty. But the farrash-bashi was terror-stricken and ran away, nor did he ever return to his post. Sam Khan, for his part, told his superiors that he had carried out the task given to him; he would not attempt it a second time. So Aqa Jan Khan-i-Khamsih and his Nasiri regiment replaced the Armenians, and the Báb and His disciple were suspended once again at the same spot. The Nasiri regiment fired. The bodies of the Báb and His disciple were shattered, and their flesh was united.áb




I don't have the source for this story

H Bab apparently wrote so speedily that the ink on his paper was not dry by the time he had finished the page. The words came out in a torrent.



Miraculous Event

The Fate of the 750 soldiers who martyred H Bab

They all died within 5 years. Every single one. Half of them died after they mutinied. Half of them died because of plague. Every single one.

I cannot find a source on the Internet. The above is stated in God passes by by Shoghi Effendi.


Miraculous Event On the day of the Martyrdom there was a large earthquake in Shiraz, the city he was born in. Spiritual reverberations.

My source is H AbdulBaha God Passes by. I cant find a source on the internet. Id be curious if independent scholars have checked out these allegations. Half of them can be independently corroborated.


Miraculous Event

Edict of Toleration - May 23 1844

The Baha'i faith started on the evening of May 23 1844. Day Zero.

On the evening of May 23 1844 3 things happened.

H Bab chose his first disciple -- apostle Mulla Husayn BabulBab (the gate to the gate).

H AbdulBaha was born.

The governor of the ottoman province of Syria signed an order allowing Hebrew people to live in the Syrian desert.

From AD 88 Hebrew revolt when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman army and Hebrew people driven into exile (to Cypress, from Cypress to Italy and from Italy to the rest of the world) there were no Hebrew people living in the Palestinian desert. It is standard Hebrew theology that when the Hebrew messiah returns they will return to the land of Israel. Bahaullah being the messiah of the Hebrew people, this prophecy was fulfilled the day the Bahai religion started.

so ultra orthodox jews will not go to the land of israel because they say they can only go there when their messiah returns. We say this took place May 23 1844.

(This was of course a separate event from the fascist invasions of 1948.)


Miraculous Event

Exile to Historic Palestine, Land of Biblical prophecy

H Baha'ullah, the messiah was EXILED to historic Palestine, to the penal colony of Akka, in the year 1860. The town of Akka 1860, in the Syrian desert, also happened to be in the same place as ancient land of Israel. By exiling their prisoner to the Mediterranean coast, the Ottoman rulers fulfilled Christian and Hebrew prophecies. The Christian and Hebrew messiah arrived in his destination.

Akka was one of the poorest towns of the Ottoman empire, and H Baha'ullah was sent here so as a political prisoner to distance him from the Persian border.

"Forget not my distress and banishment in this remote prison"


H Baha'ullah was born in Tehran, Iran, but his family were from the province of Nur in Mazandaran, Iran.

Nur means light. The fastest entity in the universe is light. Faster than the speed of Light. God is Great, God is speedy.

Born on earth, from the district of light.

interesting huh?


H AbdulBaha in addition to being the patriarch of the Baha'i movement and a moralist, had esp powers.

Thomas Breakwell (1872–1902) was the first Englishman to become a Baha'i and the first to make the pilgrimage to Akka. He died 1902 age 30 from tuberculosis.

H AbdulBaha knew about the death of Thomas Breakwell before the news formally arrived in Akka from Paris (in a letter).

I cant remember where I read this. If anyone knows the source and can inform me I will be grateful.



Prophetic Powers

H AbdulBaha in addition to being the patriarch of the Baha'i movement and a moral teacher, had esp powers.

Major Tudor Pole was an early British Baha'i. On meeting H AbdulBaha they communicated via an interpreter Shoghi Effendi as neither spoke the others language. On leaving them for 5 minutes he found they were still communicating despite not speaking each others languages.

source -- "Ethel Jenner Rosenberg. Britains outstanding Baha'i pioneer" by Robert Weinberg.



Unbelievable event

I read about this many years ago. I cant find the source. If anyone has the source and can email it to me Id be grateful.

The grounds for the Lotus temple was bought by an Ardashir Rustampur, an Iranian-Indian man from Hyderabad, India.

AFTERWARDS it was found that the temple lay on grounds of what used to be the village of Baha-pur



Interesting and unbelievable

This is from "Fire on the mountaintop" by Gloria Faizi.

The human condition is an interesting one.

The Baha'i travelers were stranded in a village in Mazandaran, Iran. This would have been about 100 years ago. They were unable to communicate as the villagers spoke a local lingo. It turned out the entire village was a Baha'i village and the old woman concierge in whos house they slept had dreamt of the travelers the night before.

I dont have a copy of the book. If anyone has a copy and can send me the details I will be grateful. The traveler was called Naim as I remember.

Bahais of a village in Mazandaran, Iran were driven out by fanatics about 10 years ago. It could have been the same village mentioned in the book fire on the mountain top.




Interesting and unbelievable

The Navajo Indians of North America have prophecies from their medicine men.

They have a prophecy of a holy Mountain, a 9 pointed star to guide the way and a great chief with a 12 feathered headdress.


Interesting and unbelievable

This story is from "once to every man and nation". Is this book still in print?

2% of the population of Panama are Bahais - one of the highest in the world, most of them members of the Guyami tribe who live there.

They have a prophecy that their people will fall into a time of difficulty and a blind man will lead them out of it. The first Baha'i man there was a blind man.


Interesting and unbelievable

The Verdant Isle / H Tahirih unveiling herself at Badasht

I heard this story over a dinner table. If anyone has links to sources Id be interested.

The moslems have a prophecy that their messiah will come from a 'Verdant isle'. Mazandaran, where H Baha'ullah family was from, to a desert dweller, is a green verdant island.

They have a second prophecy that their saint Fatima will unveil herself at the end of times. This happened when H Tahirih unveiled herself in the conference at Badasht. Her birth name was Fatima.



H AbdulBaha throwing the papers

I cant find the source for this. read it on the internet when I was a refugee.

Shortly before H Bahaullah passed onto the next world, he threw his papers on the floor -- at extreme tiredness. H AbdulBaha shortly before he died threw his papers on the floor. Does anyone have the source of this story?


Can anyone get the quote for this? I cant find it on the internet.

H AbdulBaha had what in today's world they call esp powers.

"When I sleep my soul wanders"


interesting and nice

Amir Amin Arsalan was the Ottoman consul general in Argentina.

He met H Bahaullah briefly.

His appearance struck my imagination in such a way that I cannot better represent it than by evoking the image of God the Father, commanding, in his majesty, the elements of nature in the middle of clouds.

Interesting huh?

“I have had the honor of catching a glimpse of him who is the incarnation of ‘the Word of God’ in the eyes of the Persians. It was in 1891, during a journey that I made to St Jean d’Acre (‘Akká). As soon as I arrived I was eager to pay a visit to ‘Abbás Effendi, the eldest son of ‘the Word’ who was in charge of the external relations of the community. I had known him at Beirut, in Syria, and there had quickly been established between us the bonds of a true friendship.

‘Abbás Effendi received me in the sumptuous palace where he lives with his father, ‘the Word’…Naturally, I solicited from him the honor of an audience with his holy father. He explained to me, in a very kindly manner, that it was not the custom of him who represented the Divinity to admit to his presence unbelieving mortals. Since I insisted, he promised to make every possible effort to bring about the realization of my wish.

Eventually, after three days, I received word that this signal favor had been accorded to me…I thought then that I was going to be able to converse with him who was the reflection on earth of the rays of Divinity, but my illusions were quickly dispersed. I had to content myself with catching a glimpse of the illustrious Bahá’u’lláh at the moment when he came out to take his daily walk in the immense park surrounding his residence. In fact, ‘the Word’ never left the inside of his house except to take a walk in the park in the evening, a time when he could better elude the praying attention of outsiders.

But ‘Abbás Effendi had carefully positioned me behind a part of the wall, along his path, in such a manner that I could easily contemplate him for a short while. I even believe that ‘the Word of God’ had realized the presence of a stranger and had understood that it was a question of granting a favour to a friend. His appearance struck my imagination in such a way that I cannot better represent it than by evoking the image of God the Father, commanding, in his majesty, the elements of nature in the middle of clouds.”



This is from "From Copper to Gold" a biography of Dorothy Baker. I dont have the page number -- at the start.

Her grandmother, a disciple of H AbdulBaha, had a near death experience and dreamt of him, before she met him.



May Bolles Maxwell was the mother of Ruhiyeh Khanum, widow of the Guardian, and was a disciple of H AbdulBaha.

This is what happened in the late 19th century:

The first foreshadowing reached her when, at eleven years of age, she experienced in her sleep a sunlight so brilliant that for one day her eyes were blinded. Again she dreamed that angels carried her through space. Seeing light, she found it was the earth, and the earth was marked with seals, and one word was on the earth. Of this she could read only the B and the H, but she knew then that these letters would transform her life. The Master Himself came to her in vision, a majestic figure in Eastern garb, beckoning her from across the Mediterranean with characteristic gesture. She thought He was Jesus but two years later when Lua heard, "This is 'Abdul-Bahá," she said.



Bill Sears as a small child dreamt of H AbdulBaha the day he passed through his state. Source God loves laughter.


Does anyone have a source for this? I read this many years ago.

H Bab had esp powers also.

In Chihriq or Maku, the soldiers went into a trance whilst he left the prison.


an Iranian Baha'i wrote this in a facebook group

there is an islamic prophecy that the islamic messiah will come from the plains of akka. and there is another islamic prophecy that a dweller of akka is the most blessed of the most blessed.

makes sense, as the messiah of the planet is buried there.

I dont have the sources for this story.


German Knight templars of Haifa

The German colonies arrived in Haifa bay 1870 or so. They expected the Christian messiah to come down from the clouds and so arrived there to be in wait for him.

(he arrived as an oriental prisoner).

Because they sided with the Germans during second world war they were deported.



In a discussion thread I read -- a Russian Baha'i had written there are prophecies about the Bahai religion in the Ashkabad area. I cannot find the thread.

If anyone has any information on this please email me.


The Buddhist Messiah is called Amitabha, the fifth Buddha.

In Arabic / Persian Abha is another way of saying Baha.

29.Funny Story H AbdulBaha New York Zoo

I read this story on facebook. If anyone can give me the source Ill be grateful

H AbdulBaha on going to NY asked to be taken to the Zoo.
The animals had just given birth, and the mothers were protective of their young, hiding them on the approach of human visitors.
When H AbdulBaha came, by contrast, the mothers, very quickly uncovered their young so he would see them,,
before covering them up protectively.

31.H AbdulBaha and the esp letter

The Prophets were not magicians. But they did have esp powers. Men who were morally, and also physically, different from us.
This web site focuses on the physical difference. Baha'i miracles and prophecies fulfilled.

This one is from "Ethel Jenner Rosenberg." Page 204.

Basically the Baha'i woman had a Moslem husband who made her life difficult. In exasperation, she sent H AbdulBaha a BLANK sheet of paper asking him to answer her husbands questions, but not sending any questions. H AbdulBaha, knew what the questions were and answered them. The husband became a Bahai afterwards.

32.The Psychic and the Pregnant Mother

This story is from "From Copper to Gold" the biography of Dorothy Baker.

Dorothy Bakers mother, whilst pregnant with her daughter, met a psychic who told her her daughter would be an "old soul" and the other child, a non-religious (a successful professional) child, would be a disappointment.

Another story -- again from the same book. She wished to be given a militry burial off the coast of Akka. The plane she was on crashed into the Yugoslav sea. Off the coast of Akka....

Dorothy Baker, Human being and also a Hand of the Cause of God.

33.H AbdulBaha and the mans shoulder

I read this story on the internet. If anyone has the source and could send me the source I would be grateful.

Basically H AbdulBaha put his head on the mans shoulder and said "I needed that shoulder". This shoulder was used to carry his casket when he passed away.

34.H AbdulBaha and the Titanic

H AbdulBaha was offered a ticket on the Titanic. He said his heart told him otherwise. He went to N America on a smaller ship, and asked if the money could be given to the poor instead.

35.H Bahaullah and the white calf buffalo woman


There are prophecies about H Bahaullah all over the world.
Its interesting -- the Lakota of NAmerica have a prophecy about a white buffolo woman, a messiah.
H Bahaullah wrote a tablet of the "hair". If anyone can give me details I will be grateful.

36.H Bahaullah raising the dead

I read this story on the internet. From the Bahai writings. If anyone can give me the source I will be grateful.

In the prison compound in Akka one of the Bahais had died. H Bahaullah wrote a prayer and said it should be recited. The man came back to life.

37.H AbdulBaha praying all night

This story is from the internet. The House of Bahaullah was in the hands of an enemy of the faith, who would not give the keys to H AbdulBaha. He prayed all night -- the next day the man came and gave him the keys and begged for forgiveness.

38.H Bab wrote 500,000 verses in 8 years

H Bab wrote 500,000 verses in the 8 years of his ministry. Speed writing.

39.From a year amongst the persians -- the man who dreamt of the prince of martyrs

This story is from the book "a year amongst the persians". Edwarde Granville Browne met a Bahai man who showed him a spot in a graveyard. "He showed me an unmarked spot in the graveyard" He had dreamt of people visiting the graveyard -- paying respect to "the king and prince of martyrs" (2 Babi men who had been murdered). He became a Bahai for this reason. "I then believed, seeing it was from God".

40.H AbdulBaha the physicist!!!!

H AbdulBaha said in the next world time does not exist as time is dependent on the presence of a sun.
This was 10 years before Einsteins theory of relativity.
interesting huh?
Ive lost the source -- if anyone can get the source of this story and send it to me Id be grateful.

41.H Bahaullah the prophet

"soon will the present world order be rolled up and a new one laid out in its place"

with advances in robotics and brain-computer prosthetics human beings will evolve into something else within one generation.
Fundamentalist Christian prophecies on immortal life will also come true within one generation.

42.H AbdulBaha the prophet and the atomic bomb

Update 06/8/15
If anyone has the source please send me. I got this one off the internet.

To the Japanese Ambassador 1911:
"Scientific discoveries have increased material civilisation. There is in existence a stupendous force, as yet, happily undiscovered by man. Let us supplicate God, the beloved, that this force will not be discovered until spiritual civilisation shall dominate the human mind. In the hands of men of lower nature, this power will be able to destroy the whole earth.

43.The Wife of the Bab's dream

Update 25/12/15
The source of this story is

Munirih Khanum, who later became the wife of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá, met Khadijih-Bagum before leaving Persia for Holy Land. She was living at the time in Isfahan, a city about 200 miles north of Shiraz, and was summoned to ‘Akka by Bahá’u’lláh.
Accompanied by a believer by the name of Shaykh Salman who was instructed by Bahá’u’lláh to provide travel assistance, the party left Isfahan for the port city of Bushihr via Shiraz. Arrangements were made for her to stay a short while in Shiraz in the home of Haji Mirza Siyyid Muhammad, the uncle of the Bab. She arrived sometime between January and February of 1872 and had the privilege of meeting the wife of the Báb several times.
The following is taken from Munirih Khanum’s memoirs concerning one of her interviews with Khadijih-Bagum: ...I asked the wife of the Báb to recount for me some reminiscences of her association with the Báb, of attaining His presence and of her marriage with Him. She said, ‘I do not remember every detail but will tell you what I can remember... We were three sisters. [One of the three sisters was a half-sister who married Haji Mirza Siyyid Ali, the uncle of the Báb who was martyred in Tihran.] One night I dreamt that Fatimih [the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, the holiest woman in Islam] came to our house as a suitor to propose marriage. [In those days it was the custom for mothers, sisters or close female relatives of a man who wished to get married to propose to the parents of a girl. Once the agreement was reached, the girl would be informed and later married.] With great joy and ecstasy my sisters and I went to her. She then came forward to me and kissed my forehead. I understood in the dream that she had chosen me. When I woke up in the morning I felt very happy and joyous, but I felt too shy to share my dream with anybody. In the afternoon of the same day, the mother of the Báb came to our house. My sister and I went to her. Exactly as I had dreamt, she came forward, kissed my forehead and embraced me. She then left. My eldest sister said to me, ‘The mother of the Báb came to propose and has asked for your hand in marriage [with her son].’ I replied, ‘This is a great felicity for me.’ I recounted my dream and expressed the happiness of my heart because of its implications.
After a few days ... they sent some gifts as a token of engagement, and the Báb went to Bushihr on business in company with His uncle. [Engagement was a family affair. It was improper for a man engaged to a woman to associate with her until married. In any case it was not permitted even to see the face of his fiancée until after marriage. Of course a couple who were close relatives would have seen each other before.] Although the mother of the Báb and I were cousins, yet, because of my dream every time I met her, I showed great courtesy and respect towards her.
I cannot recall the duration of the Báb’s journey. When He was in Bushihr, I dreamt one night that I was sitting in the presence of the Báb. It appeared as though it was the evening of our wedding. The Báb was dressed in a green cloak around the borders of which were inscribed the verses of the Qur‘án ... and light was emanating from Him. Seeing Him in this way, I was filled with such joy and gladness that I woke up. After this dream I was assured in my heart that the Báb was a distinguished personage. I cherished a love for Him in my heart, but did not disclose my feelings to anybody. Eventually He returned from Bushihr and His uncle arranged the wedding. (Adapted from ‘The Revelation of Bahá’u’lláh‘, by Adib Taherzadeh, vol. 2)

44.Two stories from 'Once to every man and nation'

Updated 25/12/15

these 2 stories are from a book "once to every man and nation"
In one story, the Bahai girl had dreamt of a room with light emanating from it, and a second room titled "Agha". Agha means 'sir' -- it would have been the title for H AbdulBaha.
In the second story the Bahai girl had dreamt of H AbdulBaha, twice

45.H Bab in Chihriq

Updated 26/12/15

I dont remember where I read this story -- if anyone has the source please send them to me.
When H Bab was imprisoned in Chihriq he was able to leave the prison -- the prison guards went into a daze and allowed him out. He was able to bathe in the springwaters nearby.

46.H ABdulBaha and the blank piece of paper

Updated 26/12/15

This story is from "Ethel Rosenberg" by Rob WeinBerg. I dont have the page number
Basically a Bahai woman who had a series of questions sent a blank piece of paper to H Abdulbaha without sending the questions. H Abdulbaha who had the gift of foresight knew what the questions were and answered her on the blank piece of paper. Her husband who was enemy of the faith became a Bahai after this event.

47.H Bahaullah and the dead man who came back to life

Updated 31/12/15

This story is from the Bahai Library online.I have tried to find the source without success. If anyone has the source please email it to me.
This is a story about the Bahai prisoners of Akka. One of them had died, and his family were grieving and washing his body. H Bahaullah gave a prayer to be read for him. The prayer was read -- the dead man was revived and came back to life. He lived for many years after that.