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The Bahais of Redbridge
What is the Bahai faith?
Quotes of Bahaullah
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Who we are
We are a small community of followers of Bahaullah who live in Redbridge, London
There are about 15 of us in Redbridge
There have been Bahais in Redbridge since the 1970s
Welcome to our website
What is the Bahai faith
The Bahai faith is a global monotheistic religion founded by the prophet Bahaullah in the year 1863
There are approximately 8 million Bahais in the world
There are Bahai communities in almost every country in the world
In Redbridge there are approximately 15 Bahais, and in Britain approximately 6000 Bahais
You dont have to be a Bahai to benefit from the wisdom of the Bahai faith
Quotes of Bahaullah
The World is but one country and mankind its citizens - Bahaullah
In the garden of they heard plant nought but the seed of love
I bear witness that thou has created me to know thee and to worship thee
These fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the most great peace shall come
The wellbeing of mankind, its peace and security , are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established
What we believe in
That there is one God
That all the worlds religions come from one source
That humanity is one family
Our meetings
Currently our meetings are mostly held over zoom
We come together to pray together every 19 days, at events called feasts
We also hold other meetings during the year
You are most welcome to join us
further information
Contact Us
Contact Robert at 07787 591041