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Welcome to my website
About Me Hello, A little bit about me.
My name is Robert Shahin Nikjoo
I am 50 years old,
born in Iran,
a British citizen, currently residing in London.

I have skills in Accountancy, and am part qualified CIMA candidate, and have worked as an accounts assistant for 2 years.
I have skills in programming, and have worked as a programmer for 5 years
I have also worked as a pharmacy dispenser, as an English language tutor, and also in casual jobs.

I am a Bahai

I am interested in current affairs. My music interests are eclectic.
Biography I was born in Iran, and spent my first ten years there. I was born into the kingdom of Iran, and left 1 year after the islamic revolution of 1979.

After the khomeini revolution I migrated to Britain. I spent my adolescent, teenage and university years in East coast Scotland.

I spent 5 years working in the city of London as a programmer, working for investment banks.

I spent 3 years working in my brothers pharmacy as a dispenser.

I spent 3 years travelling in west europe, and spent 8 years in Kiev, Ukraine, where I worked as an English language tutor. I spent 1 year living in an orthodox monastery in Kiev.

I returned to Britain in the year 2014. I worked in a pharmacy for 3 years, and spent 2 years working as an accounts assistant. I also started my CIMA studies, and am currently 3/4 of the way through the CIMA exams.
Resume I have many years of work experience under my belt.

I have worked as:
  • Accounts assistant
  • Computer programmer
  • English as a foreign language tutor
  • Pharmacy dispenser

    Currently I am studying for my CIMA exams. I hope to complete the exams by end of 2021 or beginning of 2022.

    I am also updating my computing skills, by studying C# and Python languages. I worked as a vba-sql developer for 5 years.
    I can also work as a frontend developer (html,css,javascript) or as a backend developer(php).

    Please download my CV My resume

    I have 10 references from previous employers. Please download and view:
    Arc Systems Citibank 1 Citibank 2
    Citibank 3 ANTS ANZ
    Pharmacy Golden Staff VY

    I am also developing a small software portfolio (websites, games,apps). Please view by pressing button 'software'
  • Interests After working and studying I have very little time left for interests.

    In my spare time I:
  • study CIMA accountancy
  • study computing
  • study Bioinformatics
  • listen to music
  • read the economist magazine
  • Anything related to the Bahai religion

    As mentioned, I am currently studying for CIMA exams. I have passed 12 CIMA exams so far (as of 12/06/2021). There are 16 exams altogether and I have 4 more exams to pass.
    CIMA stands for 'Chartered Institute of Management Accountants'. It is the largest body of Management Accountants worldwide.

    I also study programming so I as to update my skills. I used to be a programmer 20 years ago. Currently I am looking at c# & python. I am specially interested in the python libraries 'biopython' & 'tensorflow' However it takes a long time to master these libraries and I am extremely short of time.

    I am also interested in Bioinformatics. This is a new science which did not exist 20 years ago. It is the application of computing power to biological problems, specifically dna sequencing. I have an interest in this field as I am (was) a computer programmer and my degree (30 years ago) was in the Biomedical field. AFAIK the library biopython is very useful for work in this area. Currently I have bought a Udemy course in Biopython, which Im going through slowly, time permitting.

    I also subscribe to the magazine "Economist", which I read every week, when I have time. I find it to be quite comprehensive, and it often goes indepth into various issues it reports on.

    My music taste is eclectic. I must be getting old, because half of the musicians I listen to have died. I specially like 80s pop, the decade during which I spent my teenage years. Amongst the musicians I listen to are Lara Fabian and Hayedeh, who passed away 30 years ago.

    As mentioned, I am a Bahai, my messiah is Bahaullah, and I am interested in anything Bahai.
  • Contact As I am currently seeking employment (as of 19/12/20) you can phone or email me if you have a vacancy.
    phone:(GB)07787 591041
    You can also email me directly:
    You can sign & view my guestbook:
    I have a small & growing library of software Ive developed for clients to view.
    The software falls into 3 categories: Websites, games, apps
    New responsive websites Hitchcock Movies My favourite Bahai quotes My favourite Bahai songs
    Old style websites 80s Nostalgia Refugees to remember My favourite movies
    Bahai miracles
    Games Paddle Clock Tetris
    Photoshop Photoshop composites
    C# Software Browser Analyser Letter Changer Motion Detector
    Painting App Picture Changer
    Python Software Picture Changer II Python Voice (need a microphone)
    Xamarin Software
    Excel Software
    Maya Software